It’s been a strange and complex few months. There has been a lot of uncertainty in many areas of our lives and a level of chaos that has been tricky to navigate. We have very much tried to count our enormous blessings but sometimes the weight of life and responsibility has felt very heavy indeed. It’s times like this when often my faith in Jesus deepens and my gratitude of him increases.

At just a few days old I attended church with my family and from that day I began to learn hymns and songs that have become a soundtrack, weaved into my life. There have been different songs that have anchored me in different seasons but this one has been fairly constant. It has been a deep rooted reminder to never focus too much on this life. To always look to Jesus and the hope he gives. To entrust all the things that I hold dear and all the struggles I face to him, knowing that eventually all will be well.

Whatever you are facing, whether good or bad, I pray this song is a comfort and reminder that you don’t have to do life alone. As always if you wanna find out more about Jesus, just ask. Honestly – you’d really like him.

The song is Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus and this version is sung by Lauren Daigle.






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